Oculus Rift

“Killing Floor: Incursion” Getting “Holdout” Horde Mode

Killing Floor: Incursion for Oculus Rift, the VR spinoff title from the Killing Floor franchise, has been released on the Oculus store a while ago. Today, Tripwire Interactive shares more about the first content DLC for this title, call “Holdout”.

In Killing Floor: Incursion, players must take on the role of an elite Horzine Security Forces soldier as they, along with allies, fight their way through a story driven campaign using an array of weapons including pistols, shotguns, axes, and more. Players will explore the environment while completing puzzles, scavenging for weapons and ammo, discovering what the Horzine Corporation is really up to, and learning who the player can trust. Battle in diverse environments, from creepy farmhouses to high tech facilities, and uncover who… or what is behind the Zed menace.

Holdout is basically a new game mode, whereby you (and a friend) tries to fend out a continuous onslaught of enemies until you (and your friend) die in the game. After player complete a level in the campaign, that level will be unlocked to be played in Holdout. Player will start with the basic pistol and knife, but players can scavenge better weapons as time goes on. As players progress, the difficulty will ramp up, as the Zeds will get more aggressive, appear in bigger number, and more challenging Zeds will appear, including multiple bosses at once.

The details are not confirmed yet, and everything is subject to change as they iterate on the gameplay. No release date for this DLC either, but it is expected to be ready later this year, and will be free for all owners for the game.