Steam New Release: Prison Boss VR

Prison Boss VR sees new release over Steam today, and the title is being offered 15% cheaper to celebrate the launch!

In this title (developed by Trebuchet), player plays a prisoner, who has to work his way up by completing jobs from fellow inmates. He will have to craft items at night (while hiding them from guards who will be patrolling around) and sell them or receive requests in day time.

The money paid can be used to purchase new materials or upgrade prison cell too. 

  • 11 Different Items Available For Crafting
  • 4 Prisons With Over 80 Jobs to Complete
  • Unlockable Arcade Mode 
  • Play VR room-scale the way it was meant to be played
  • Great jazzy soundtrack!

The game supports HTC Vive, and require a room scale play area.