Bandai Namco Tease New Student for Summer Lesson

Playstation VR’s Summer Lesson looks like it will get another new character soon, after “Summer Lesson: Hikari Miyamoto” and “Summer Lesson: Allison Snow“.

In Summer Lesson series, you plays the role of a mentor of these virtual girls over the Summer. You will teach them on various school subjects, with special events that allows you to interact with them in virtual reality as well.

Bandai Namco‘s producer and director for this game, Mr Aya Tamaki has announced on Famitsu that the third character’s name is “Shinjo Chirito“.

According to him, they are intending to explore the charm and aim for a more prosperous future of the series, hence turning Summer Lesson project into a “seasonal summer with a different new student”.

It is unknown what personality that this student will have. Weekly Famitsu Sep 21st 2017 edition (to be releasing on Sep 7th 2017) will share new information about this mysterious character. Until then we only have this silouette tease of the new girl.