“CyberDrifter” Update Coming Next Week

First person action game “Cyberdrifter” was released as Steam early access few months ago by Uzi Games. It is a fast-paced VR shooter set in a dark cyberspace world, where you play as Jack Torrents, a military-trained computer specialist send in to do battle against the army of corrupted bots leaded by an intelligent AI program which has gone self-aware.

Today, Uzi Games announces that an update for this title will be made available next week, that will bring the development of the Cyberdrifter to the next level. The upcoming update will include Oculus Touch joystick locomotion option, adjustable movement / rotation speed.

Trackpad control for HTC Vive wand will also be added to a “Beta branch for players who have requested it”, as it needs more feedbacks for tweaking before becoming a viable option.

Cyberdrifter is available now as early access on Steam.