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PSVR New Release: Sneaky Bears


Sneaky Bears see release on Playstation VR recently (29th in US, 31st in EU), bringing fast-paced gameplay with bears to Playstation VR owners!

Developed by WarDucks, Sneaky Bears take place on a world that sees attack under the hilarious evil mastermind bear Frank and his evil teddy bear minions. The teddy bear army has seized control of a toy factory, with intention of creating more teddy bears of their kind to grow their power. Your role is to put a stop to their operation, and rescue the innocent Panda teddy bears that the evil teddy bears has taken hostage.

Sneaky Bears comes with several features. In this title, you will be fending off different kinds of teddy bears and other challenges in 3 unique modes. If you complete 5 rounds in each mode, you will unlock the boss level.


Your weaponry in this game includes the toy gun, shotgun, water gun and also the freeze gun, which you will use to attack the bears, that will come at running, flying and even roll towards you from every angle in VR. Expect lots of sarcastic, witty and humorous one-liners from Frank as he commences attack on you too.

Sneaky Bears is WarDucks’ first VR title on console and desktop, after accumulating some VR experiences with 2 VR titles on the Samsung Gear VR. This game will also see release on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in the near future as well.