“Horizon Vanguard” VR Coming 2018, Location Test Demo Released

VR title “Horizon Vanguard” will be coming to Steam in 2018, and today, tain a.m. works LLC has deployed a demo for it.

Horizon Vanguard is an arcade style action game that draw its inspiration from titles like Burning ForceBorder Down, and DARIUSBURST. It aims to ‘combine the speed, focus, and density of arcade shooting games with the immersion and input capabilities of modern VR technology’. You will be riding the hovercycle to dodge enemy’s attacks, attack the armored ground targets and aerial foes at the same time. There’s also a radar for you to get your bearings when overwhelmed.

This game features 15 branching stages, each with an unique boss.

The demo that drops today features Zone A and portions of Zone B and C. You can check out the demo at its Steam Page. Horizon Vanguard will support HTC Vive, OSVR and Oculus Rift when it launch on Steam.

Here’s a trailer of the game.