“ViKubb” Coming to HTC Vive (and Probably Oculus Rift) This Year

Developer Axel Dabee and artist Kris Hammes are both currently working on “ViKubb“, a virtual reality version of the real life game “Kubb”, also known as “Viking Chess”.

I just skimmed through some readings to learn more about it: this is a competitive game where players play from both opposite end, with a rectangular pitch between. Wooden blocks (kubbs) are placed right in front of the two team, and the bigger block (king) is placed in the middle of the pitch field. Players on one team has to throw wooden batons (kastpinnar) on the opposing side of the pitch, and then knock over the “king” before the opponent does. There are more rules to this game, and what I just described is just the general idea of the gameplay of Kubb. The alleged Viking origin of the game has led people to nickname the game “Viking Chess” too.

Back to ViKubb, besides simulating the game in VR, the developer intends to make use of the unlimited possibilities that VR provides (such as allowing you to play as a vikings) while keeping the original spirit of the game.

The game will features both online and offline play, with ranked matchmaking. You can choose between classic Kubb or the enhanced version, and this game will also feature customizable character with unlockable items.

ViKubb was started June 2016, and is scheduled to be launch later this year on HTC Vive, and probably Oculus Rift with Touch.

There are some rather pretty looking screenshots and gifs on the web site for the game. There’s no launch information (such as the price and date) yet, so it seems the release is not in the imminent future. In the meantime we will just have to wait for more information from them.