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“Dead Moon – Revenge on Phobos” Latest Update Adds Difficulty Level & New Locomotion System

Early access VR action sci-fi shooter title “Dead Moon – Revenge on Phobos” was released by Mercury Aerospace Industries on Steam in early August, for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

It is the year 2393: You are an archaeologist. On your way back from a mission on Mars, you made a forced landing on Moon Phobos and found the forgotten outpost “Stickney 2”, which was abandoned 70 years ago. While trying to find a way to leave the moon alive, you find yourself fighting against massive waves of monsters there. The bloodthirstiness of the monsters is everywhere, whether you are in the abandoned space station or on the moon’s surface.

Today, the developer drops a new update that add a couple of new features. This update provides difficulty level for each of the four episodes in the game (Easy, Medium and Hard), more balanced health and damage ratio, as well as new enhanced locomotion system.

The system provides walking/running function via thumbpad (Vive) and thumbstick (Rift), Stepless speed control, speed-up function, teleportation and turn function.