“Echo Grotto” Steam Page Live, Coming to Oculus Rift/OSVR/HTC Vive, Release Date

Gaugepunk Games‘s upcoming VR title Eco Grotto was previously announced for HTC Vive, but today, with its Steam Page going live, we can now confirm that this game will be releasing on Oculus Rift and OSVR headset too.

Echo Grotto is a part game, part experience that lets you go deep and explore the cave, using a range of gear and tools. It may sound boring, but there seems to be a vast amount of interesting stuffs to find, such as crystal caves, huge open caverns, underwater tunnels, glow-worm lit grottos and more.

This title uses a random generation to make sure the exploration is interesting and unique every time.

Before you descend into a new cave system you can choose what gear you want to take with you. You might choose another locomotion method (like a grappling hook) or maybe an additional light source like a headlamp or lantern.
Maybe you would rather take a snorkel with you so that you can reach the underwater portions of the caves? Or maybe a flare gun to easily light up things in the distance.
There are many different tools to choose from!

This title uses a variation of the traditional teleportation system. You throw a small virtual teleporter lamp to set where you want to move, but the virtual lamps which you threw earlier will not disappear, resulting in a trail of lights that lead you back the way you come. Just like how cavers would leave a string behind them, your teleporters leave a wire and trail of lights to retrace your steps.

Choose to play as either an ‘experience’ or a ‘game’. Choosing ‘experience’ will allow you to pick whatever gear you want from the start and simply explore the caves as you wish, while choosing ‘game’ will include a progression system, where you start with only basic tools and must search for more within the caves.
It also employs a simple currency system, where you can use various gemstones found within the caves to get better tools!

From its Steam Page, this game is expected to be releasing on 14th September.