“Hold My Beer” Adds Oculus Rift & Touch Support

Hold My Beer“, a ridiculous title that sees release on Steam a while ago, has been updated.

In this title, you play the role of an idiot, doing idiotic dares and stunts while being drunk. If you have ever thought of trying out those dangerous pranks and stunts on youtube, this VR title allows you to live out that experience without harming anyone (not counting real life accidents that you may have from knocking into your wall or tv, of course!)

You choose the difficulty level based on how much beer you drink. This title features 3 unique dare games: Idiot Crossing, Easy as Apples and Flying Fool. I will let the video do the talking.

This game is developed by Lord of the Stack, who also made Defense of Castle Chilly VR. According to his announcement on Steam, this game now features Oculus Rift with Touch support. Now more VR gamers on PC can play this game!