HTC Vive

“VR: Vacate the Room” DLC Now Available

Indie VR title “VR: Vacate the Room“, an escape-room title released on Steam last year by hOSHI, has a paid DLC content releasing today.

VR: Vacate the Room is a short game inspired by classics in the genre (such as Crimson Room), and currently support HTC Vive. If you are unfamiliar with this genre, its basically a title where you are placed in a locked room, and you have to find clues to solve puzzles to make your way out of the room. The genre has been rather popular in 2D flat screen format and in real life, and has also seen resurgence thanks to VR (with its motion control and room scale play area), spawning various escape-room titles.

Check out the announcement below:

Finally the original Soundtrack to Vacate the Room is released. Also included is the underground Drum’N’Base Remix that was – until now – only known to inside members of the scene.

Also included in this DLC is the complete Guide to Vacate the Room in case you need help solving a few of the harder puzzles.

The third item in this DLC is a set of Printout Puzzles. These are 4 unique Puzzles with relation to Vacate the Room. A secret message might or might not be included.

The DLC content can be purchased here (with a 15% off for the next week), and require the based game too. Here’s the content of the DLC.


  • 5 music tracks: 2 Soundtracks, 1 Drum’N’Base Remix, 2 Bonus Tracks
  • Vacate the Room – Printout Puzzles (4 unique puzzles on paper)
  • Walkthrough Guide (Spoiler Alert!)


  • 1 Vacate the Room – Soundtrack
  • 2 Vacate the Room – Choir
  • 3 Vacate the Room – Sountrack (Remix)
  • 4 Bonus Track – hOSHIs New Groove
  • 5 Bonus Track – QuartLiveCrisis (unmastered)

Paper Puzzles

  • Crossword
  • Picross
  • Sudoku
  • Find the Words