“BLANK VR” Announced for HTC Vive, Video

Parallelogram Software (a Huy, Belgium based video game dev studio run by one man Pierre Arthur Lejeune), also the developer of PC/Mac game BLANK, has just announced the prequel , and it will be in VR!


BLANK is itself a first person 3D adventure/survival/sci-fi/psychological thriller title, that will see release in Q3 2018 as a traditional flat screen game. It was also greenlit by the Steam Greenlight Community few months ago.

BLANK take place in 2158, where a significant part of Earth is in an ice age, and the surviving humans has shifted to the South. It is unknown what causes the climate change, and the government has decided to send in prisoners to find out the reason behind it, rather than sending professionals. You play as Edward Jones, a prisoner who suffered from amnesic, and the only thing you can remember is that your wife has disappeared and you are accused of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment, unless you accept this mission that will lead you to explore the BLANK industries while the planet is in full ice age.


In this prequel VR title, you play a passenger on board a plane, that has unfortunately crashed, causing your leg to be broken. Now you have to survive as long as you can while you attempt to reach the base of BLANK industries.

BLANK VR is currently announced for the HTC Vive, and will see release Q4 2017. It will feature both teleportation and walking locomotion when it launch.