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“Happy Manager” Has (Likely) Dropped PSVR Support, Delayed to 2018 Jan, Will be at Tokyo Game Show 2017

Remember “Happy Manager“? If you don’t, this is a love simulation title that D3 Publisher announced last year for the Playstation 4, with optional Playstation VR. Happy Manager is developed by Tamsoft Corp, and in this title, you take on the role of an apartment manager, who has his place rented out to several female residents, each with their characteristics and personalities. Happy Manager allows you to interact with these girls over the period of 3 months (in game time).

Happy Manager was originally scheduled for release this Winter 2017 in Japan, but in February this year, the product page was quietly updated from Winter 2017 to just 2017. The game now states 2018 January.

But that’s not the worse part, because the game has seemingly removed the VR support.

Here are 2 screenshots of the product description, where you can not only see the date changes, the CERO D rating, but also the removal of the Playstation VR support description.

February 2017:
02101324-thumbnail2 (1).jpg


Update: The PSVR logo has also been removed.



D3 Publisher has also today announced that Happy Manager will be part of the lineup that they are bringing to Tokyo Game Show 2017. You can check out their E3 site here, which again is missing the PSVR label for this game. Hopefully we will get some concrete answer at Tokyo Game Show later in this month, but things are not looking good.

The only existing PSVR proof for this title is this youtube promo movie from last year that the site linked, as well as the game’s instagram account which is pretty much abandoned after 2 posts from last year.