“Super Vektoroids” Coming to Gear VR Early Access Next Month

PixelStrike Games has just announced via twitter that VR 360° Retro Arcade Action Shooter Super Vektoroids is set to be out on Gear VR as early access next month!

The Vektorverse is under attack by the Glytch Armada! A Spectrum of Light Fighters, piloted by YOU, are the only chance left to save the Vektorverse from total darkness.

Human, Join the Arcadian Fleet today! 

Only YOU can Save the Vektorv

  • 6 Light Fighters to choose from, all unique in control feel
  • Over 15+ AI Enemies will relentlessly hunt you 
  • Various battle locations with an 80s retro vibe
  • Casual to Intense Gameplay
  • Powerups like TimeSlow, Shields, PowerShot and more keep the gameplay fun 
  • Arcade inspired Sound FX bring that 80s nostalgia straight to your ears
  • Leaderboard to challenge the top score
  • Soundtrack by Damo9000 and Dark Arps (www.darkarps.com)

This title is set to be out on Vive, Rift and PSVR on a later date.