“The IOTA Project” Steam Page Live, Trailer & Demo Release

DreamSail Games is releasing room scale VR mech game The IOTA Project later this month to Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, and today they have finally some new news to share.

As you will expect, this game puts you in the shoes of a mech pilot, whereby you will be operating six-stories tall robots. Your objective is to defend the city and take down the opposing mechs who has taken over.

First up, here’s a new video trailer for this game.

The Steam Page for The Iota Project is now live, which shines even more light upon this title. It says “Free to Play” on the Steam page with a download button, but what you get when you click on that button now is just a free demo of the title.

In this game, you will be punching enemy robots and building with your mech fists. The fist movement has been given a slight delay to simulate the heavy weight of operating the metal hand. Apparently you will be able to launch Rocket Launcher too. There will also be objects (like palm trees, billboards, stop light etc) which you can grab and throw at your enemy too.

The cockpit frame has alleviate motion sickness, allowing the developer to implement artificial movement with the analog stick. 3 varieties of rotation are being offered too, which you can switch from the settings for comfort options. They will be adding additional comfort setting in the future.

You have 3 types of special abilities; Core Blast unleashes a volley of rockets, Electro Blast sends out a shockwave to stun enemies and send things flying, and lastly the Laser, a beam of high powered energy.

Here’s the official blurb of the game:

Bitsburgh has been evacuated. R4N-D mechs and drones have swarmed the streets. It’s up to you, as the pilot of the mysterious mech IOTA, to take down the enemy threat and bring peace back to the city. If, of course, you don’t destroy it in the process.

Arm yourself with an array of powerful weapons scattered throughout the city, as well as your own two giant robot fists and some chaos-causin’ rocket launchers – and destroy all enemies!