“VRog” Coming to Playstation VR on 26th Sep

ByteRockers’ Games is adding their PSVR title “VRog” to the list of Playstation VR game that will see release this month.

VRog was released on the Oculus Rift (Oculus Store) and Gear VR (Oculus Store) last year, followed by HTC Vive/Oculus Rift on Steam earlier this year, letting you to assume the persona of a frog as you leap your way across the pond and catch tasty insects at the same time. It features an arcade mode, a survival mode, as well as a party mode.

In Arcade mode, you will be catching the insects to beat the high score, while you try to avoid the wasps. In Survival Mode, you become the hunted, as you try to avoid getting eaten by the huge stork, while you try to eat as much insects as possible at the same time. Party Mode allows you to have a hopping competition with your friends.

The game was ported over to Google Daydream (Google Playstore) few months ago.

The PSVR release date of 26th September and the boxart are both revealed by the tweet from the developer, which you can view below. VRog will be releasing digitally on the Playstation Store US.