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“Organ Quarter” Delayed Due to Approaching Hurricane

Upcoming survival horror VR title “Organ Quarter” from Outer Brain Studios was scheduled for release this month on PC, but the plan has just changed.

According to the latest update on its Kickstarter page, this title has been delayed due to an approaching apocalyptic hurricane. Here’s the full statement transcript from the development studio.

Hey friends and followers,

We just wanted to update all of you on the state of Organ Quarter’s development.

The game is very close to completion and was on track to release this month, but unfortunately a massive cyclone of chaos, doom and destruction has formed in the tropics and the Outer Brain office is directly in its path. This is a record breaking hurricane, one of the most powerful the state of Florida has ever seen.

We are currently preparing for the worst, and unfortunately this of course means we have to push the release of Organ Quarter by a minimum of several weeks. We will update you on the state of the Hurricane Irma and give you a more accurate release date as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your continued support,

Outer Brain Studios

The delay is unfortunate, but its hard to pin the fault on them considering its out of their control. As stated in their announcement, the game will see at least several weeks of delay. Here’s hoping everything goes well for them in the next several weeks.

About The Game:

In this title, you play as Dr Alset, an isolated individual who lives alone in his apartment. Over weeks and months of isolation, something happened to the city, as the city become a wasteland, and everyone turns into some nightmarish grotesque beings. You are forced to survive in this long form adventure that plays out with a series of intricately connected levels, with puzzle solvings, simple gunfighting gameplay, resources management and more.

You can access the game’s Steam Page here. Organ Quarter is scheduled to come out on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift as early access, with motion controller support. After that, a non-VR version of the game will be created.