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“Township Tale VR” Development Blog Update

Real Alta is developing an upcoming open world sandbox social VR multiplayer “A Township Tale“, and today they have a blog entry that recap the development of the title. This title is currently scheduled for PC release.

In this title, player plays a settler in a village. As a settler, you will be taking on one of the job roles that the game offer, as you become one of the population for this village that’s (hopefully) bustling with activity. Your role is to work together with VR users of other occupations to keep the village alive and active.

Township Tale is currently confirmed to offer the roles of Blacksmith, Farmer, Miner and Warrior, with more to come in future updates. From the descriptions, Miner will be responsible to travel out and find the resources including greater ores and gems. These resources will be used by farmer to provide food for everyone, as well as Blacksmith to craft better weapons for the Warriors, who will be tasked to protect the village from the many creatures roaming around. As a sandbox game, this title will of course offer exploration and interaction, including climbing the mountain or picking up bow and arrows for some archery game.

The blog post offers an in depth look at the development since its development commences almost a year ago. The post includes how the game idea first started, and how they feel from showcasing the game at the conventions.

Here are some concept arts from the title: