“A-Tech Cybernetic VR” Adds Story Mode Chapter One This Month

Its still in early access, but sci-fi virtual reality FPS shooter A-Tech Cybernetic VR from XREAL Games on Steam is receiving an update soon to step closer to that final release milestone.

The developer doesn’t want virtual reality gamers to view this title as just another wave shooter, “but a real challenging creation, in which the accomplishment of each new level will be a real feeling of success. “. This title includes both teleportation and artificial movement, weapons like Flamethrower, Dark Pistol and Dark Shotgun, and a Swarm mode.

The story mode has been in development for months, and today XREAL Games announces that Chapter One of the mode will be out this month. The rest of the chapters are still under development, of course.

According to the road map of the game, the story mode will last 3-4 hours, and you can uncover what happened to Earth, and what did the A-Tech Cybernatic did to humans. In addition, there will also be puzzles to break from the fight, and traps that you can use to decimate your enemies. Speaking of enemies, it seems there will be new gun-wielding enemies with the story mode update.

After the story mode is done, they will be focusing on Multiplayer and Co-op mode before exiting early access.

This title currently support both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on Steam.