“Diner Duo VR” to have Content Expansion, PSVR Version Implied

Whirlybird Games released a VR title “Diner Duo” a while ago for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on Steam, and this game help filled the local co-op multiplayer niche, as it allow VR gamer to play with a non-VR gamer on a monitor. 

This asymmetrical multiplayer assigned the VR player as the chef, while the PC player as the waiter. The premise is simple; VR player will create the dish while the PC serves them to the customers.

Today, the developer tweeted an update, showing off a screenshot of the WIP content that they are dropping for this title, along with the PSVR hashtag, heavily implied that this is coming to the Playstation VR platform. Check out the tweet below.