“Regency VR” New Screenshots, Details, Coming This Year

Knife Media has finally broke months of silence regarding their game “Regency VR“, a virtual reality video game first announced in March. They have shared some new information over reddit.

The info update for this medieval-themed real time strategy title is accompanied by some new screenshots too. In this title, player will be leading the troops into battle against other civilization.

Player is able to scale the play area to change the perspective. On one of the spectrum, player can command them frim god’s perspective, or shrink to the size of one of the troops. Regency VR will also offer online play of up to 4 players in both team based mode or free for all mode.

In this title, player will assume control of one of the 3 civilisations; England, France or Crown of Castile (Spain) into battle during the hundred years war. European Penisula, hot Iberian terrain and snowed valley will be included as the battlefields where the action will be taking place.

Regency VR will be including a single player skirmish mode, PBR-enabled graphics, voice chat, lobbies, and an intuitive UI too.

A free multiplayer demo will be offered soon, and the game is expected to be releasing on Steam later this year, with HTC Vive support.