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“SURV1V3” Announced for HTC Vive/Oculus Rift, Steam Early Access in Dec, Details, Trailer & Screenshots

Candymaker has just formally announced a brand new VR title “SURV1V3” for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift!

SURV1V3 is going to be a post-apocalyptic zombie FPS survival game designed for VR, and will be launching this holiday in Steam Early Access.

The web site has revealed the backstory of this game: a virus strain known as the V1V3 (aka. mutated Seadornavirus) has started spreading, causing everyone to turn into zombie, and all hope is lost until you receives a radio message from a mysterious “Jeremy Stanford”. Jeremy claims over the message that he is a biochemical military researcher who’s working on a vaccine against the V1V3, and he needs help from any survivors who heard the message to find him.

And thus you embark on your journey to seek out this man, as you fight your way through various locales (such as Santa Carla city, its narrow rotten sewer etc).


According to the announcement, the (final version of the) game will contain a thrilling story mode, consisting of 25 missions over 5 maps that are both playable in solo or co-op mode. There will be a PvP mode too, with 3 vs 3 shootout with exciting additions (for example, with zombies as distraction, melee only mode, extraction mode with a 1:1 scale helicopter). V1V3 will also include a co-op horde mode too.

The developer is aiming to make this title as realistic and immersive as possible. There will not be any hud at all, and the weapon handling is via manual motion control (check out the trailer). The zombies will be able to detect your presence through sound and sight, and that there are smart mechanics (eg disguise as zombie ability) too. SURV1V3 will have more than 20 zombie models, with full dismemberment and realistic perception system.

In its early access stage that will arrive in late December 2017, V1V3 will contain 5 missions and PvP mode with the Santa Carla map. No price has been announced but we will hear more information as we approaches its release!

Check out the released screenshots for the game below.