Dream Dev Studio LLP is Developing VR Shooter “Death Horizon” for Gear VR/Google Daydream, Details & Trailer


Good news for Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream owners, a realistic VR horror survival shooter “Death Horizon” is currently in the work for these 2 mobile devices by Dream Dev Studio LLP!

In the secret Horizon laboratory, a horrific virus has broken free, and now all the employees have turned to zombies. Only thc game’s protagonist can prevent the downfall of humanity. Your task is to make your way to the station’s reactor and disable the distribution of the virus. To do that, you’ll need to kill all the enemies in your path and complete the tasks. Come back alive too, if you can.

Death Horizon will offer 3 types of weaponry for use on hordes of varied enemies like those stinky zombies. The developer aims to deliver the most realistic shooter on mobile VR platforms (through realistic dark graphics), with great combination of terror and difficulty.

Here’s the official trailer for this title.

The game certainly paints a rather grim looking scenario and the odds really stacks against your favor. Unfortunately you don’t really have a choice, as the world’s fate rest on your shoulder. You will have to go in to gun down those walking corpses while avoiding their mauls, or the world meets its end.

Currently there isn’t any release date for Death Horizon, but it will be ‘coming soon’, as its trailer suggest. I will provide follow up if there is any new news about this video game.