“Marshmallow Melee” Steam Page Live, Trailer, Announced for HTC Vive

TriHelix has just announced a brand new title “Marshmallow Melee” for HTC Vive, and it will see release in October as Steam Early Access!

Previously known as “FightPit” while it is still in its early prototype stage, the title will be a VR rogue-lite dungeon crawler with toy-sized marshmellow warriors. You will be engaging them from god’s perspective, sending the marshmellow minions to fight various enemies and their leader: Steve the Evil Wizard.

In the trailer, it is shown that you can interact with these marshmellow people, dressing and equipping them up with helmets and weapons, and then toss them into arenas, where they will engage battle automatically with enemies that are already waiting them. Besides just equipping them, it seems you can also influence the battle, which includes tossing a fire ball directly at the enemies, or assume limited direct controls over them. It also seems you can pick up gems on the arena, and then trade them in shops for better equipments too.

In another earlier video, the developer further explain the game’s structure. Because you are playing it from god’s perspective, you won’t be moving in this game; the levels come to you. The goal is to keep winning the battles and ascend the tower top, where Wizard Steve resides. According to the video, the game will also reshuffles the floow on every playthrough as well, so that you will have a different gameplay experience everytime you play this Toy-Sized Dungeon Crawler.

This game is roughly 85% completed, and the developer is estimating about 6 months worth of work to complete the remaining 15%. The early access version will ship with 6 unique Zones, over 15 weapons, and 10 unique helmets (Each helmet has a unique special power). At this status, it will have 1 game mode, with 50 dungeon floors to be completed to win. There are also over 70 unique floors that are randomly shuffled too.

During the early access phase, they will be adding “more tower zones, weapons, spells. Marshmallow Melee’s full version will also be expanding the game mode offerings to include a 100 floor endurance mode and nightmare difficulty to challenge even the most hardcore players.”