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Sony London Studio Hiring Staffs for “New VR Projects”

Sony London Studio, developer behind The London Heist that’s included in Playstation VR Worlds for Playstation VR, was hit with a downsizing almost exactlya year ago, but it seems they are regrouping and looking to expand for some new projects.

Sony London Studio tweeted out that they are seeking 2 game animators to work on their new VR projects, and interested party can go ahead to contact them. It says “VR projects” in the tweet, which will imply that they are looking to have at least 2 VR projects in planning.

But that’s not all, because there are other vacancy for other job positions in the studio, according to their hiring page. Some of the VR related job positions they are seeking includes a Senior Gameplay Programmer, a Principal Graphics Programmer, a Principal Environment Artist, a Technical Artist, System Designer, Animation Game Programmer, and a Senior Graphic Programmer. Unfortunately the job descriptions doesn’t offer any hint on what they could be working on.

SIE London Studio’s previous works before Playstation VR Worlds, includes the SingStar series, Wonderbook, The Playroom, EyePet, EyeToy, The Getaway: Black Monday and more.