“Tractorball” Is Coming to Steam for HTC Vive/Oculus Rift

A Steam listing has just surfaced for a new VR title “Tractorball“, and its initial impression is already making me says “this is what happened when you mix Rocket League, Pinball and VR together” internally.

Currently under development by Ninja Whale Studios, in this game you and several other players will be driving farm tractors, with your goal to send the super sized ball into the opponent’s net. What it have in terms of gameplay that Rocket League doesn’t, is that you have a huge flipper in front of your vehicle, that you can use to flip at the ball.

Now imagine these but in VR, and you gets Tractorball.

The control of the tractor is going to be motion based, going by what I see from the trailer.

Strap into a souped up farm tractor with an added rocket engine and a huge flipper on the front, engage in a game of super sized football and hunt your opponents with a huge array of dirty tricks.

Tractorball will have a Season mode for a full single player experience, and is set to have 4 course layouts in 5 game worlds for a total of 20 levels, offering co-op and 2v2 multiplayer. There are 20 leagues and tournaments to unlock, a XP based progression system, 20 power-ups, exhibition mode and a training mode.

This game is set to come out on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. There is no date for this title yet. There are some screenshots on its Steam Page as well as the site.