“VINDICTA” Oculus Rift Update Coming to Steam Today, Launching on Oculus Home Next Week

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Good news for Oculus Rift users, who are looking to jump into VINDICTA!; Game Cooks will be updating the action game to provide official support for the headset (in addition to the currently supporting HTC Vive) today at 10am PT!

Experience the thrill of VR action gaming in VINDICTA, a first person shooter game built from the ground-up for VR! Feel part of the action as you dive into VINDICTA, climbing and crawling your way through, picking up weapons, taking cover and shooting your way to the next levels!

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In this early access title, you play as an elite infantry agent “Agent V”, tasked to infiltrate the fortified facility to destroy the evil robots that are being manufactured by evil corporation UB Industries, who’s looking to take over the world.

This title will have you shooting robots, ducking to dodge their incoming bullets and hiding to escape their fire. You will be moving around via their unique arm-swinging free movement (or if you like, you can use trackpad movement too), as you aim and attack those metal drones with your handguns, rifles, cluster grenades and more.

VINDICTA includes a leaderboard too, where you can compete with other VR players.

VINDICTA is currently released on Steam and Viveport, and will be arriving on Oculus Store next week. The game on Steam will be updated with Oculus Rift compatibily, so go ahead and purchase the game when the update is launch later.

Check out the screenshots for the game below.