Gear VR New Release: World War Toons: Tank Up!

In a bizarre and quiet move, Studio Roqovan released World War Toons: Tank Up! today for the Samsung Gear VR (Oculus Store)!

If you find the title seemingly familiar, its because the studio has previously released a rather similarly-named “World War Toons” exclusively for the Playstation VR (and will be releasing soon for the PC, considering there is a signup button for the PC Closed Beta on the website). According to the developer, these 2 titles are in the same part of the series, and World War Toons: Tank Up! is actually the prequel title.

In this first person single player action game, World War Toons: Tank Up, you play as an Allied trooper, who is trusted to hop into the turrent of a WWII tank, and go up against the waves of Axis enemies trying to destroy you. You will have to help defend the world, and at the same time, rescue the mysterious Allied troop with the code name “Snake Guy”.

Going by the trailer shown on the Oculus Store, this title is exclusive for the Samsung Gear VR. The title carry a price tag of $4.99.