“Echo Grotto” Gameplay Trailer

VR caving experience/game for HTC “Echo Grotto” will be landing on Steam in a couple of days from Gaugepunk Games, and today the developer has released a trailer, highlighting some of the activities you can do in the caves.

Choose to play as either an ‘experience’ or a ‘game’. Choosing ‘experience’ will allow you to pick whatever gear you want from the start and simply explore the caves as you wish, while choosing ‘game’ will include a progression system, where you start with only basic tools and must search for more within the caves. It also employs a simple currency system, where you can use various gemstones found within the caves to get better tools!

You can also play a range of special ‘scenarios’ which alter the gameplay in unique ways. For example, you can explore a flooded cave system, start the game from an alternative entrance or play with nothing but glowsticks!

Some scenarios are like special challenges, like starting the game already deep into a cave system with only a candle (which will run out over time!).

The game’s Steam page  is already live right now, and you can go there to wishlist or follow the game. You can also head over here to find out more about the title.