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“Robinson: The Journey” Now Support HTC Vive & Oculus Touch!

Robinson: The Journey from Crytek is a first person adventure VR title that puts the player in the role of an individual named Robin, a stranded individual on an alien planet after his transportation the Esmeralda crashes on the planet Tyson III. He has to rely on his wits and HIGS, an AI unit from the ship to survive.

On this planet, he will have to search for his lost crew, and come face to face with dinosaurs and various creatures.

This game was a temporarily Playstation VR exclusive, before it sees release on Steam and Oculus Store for the Oculus Rift. Unfortunately the game doesn’t support HTC Vive, and many users didn’t really like the lack of motion control support for this title.

Today, Crytek send out a press release, as they announces that they are fixing these 2 issues, as they announces that Robinson: The Journey has been updated on Steam, and now support the HTC Vive headset, as well as motion controllers support (Oculus Touch and Vive wand)!

We are very excited to be bringing Robinson to a new platform and to introduce Vive owners to the mysterious planet of Tyson III,” said Producer Fatih Özbayram. “The game fully supports Vive’s motion controllers, and we’ve mapped a wide range of actions to player’s hand movements which delivers a new, really immersive way to experience the game.”

Steam achievements has also been added, along with some minor issues fix.

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