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“Cargo Breach” VR Announced

I was informed of a recently announced virtual reality title by the name of “Cargo Breach”, and thanks to the information provided by its developer, I am able to help them announce this title here.

Cargo Breach is a VR horror shooter video game, scheduled for release on the PC platform. In this title, you will be wielding a device called the “Modular”, which can rearrange its buildup to form whatever you need, based on how you hold your motion controllers. You will be exploring dark corridors and hunt down escaped creatures.

The title is set in a space ship known as “Selene”. This vehicle is transporting livestock from outer space back to earth for the Food conglomerate S Car Go, and it seems some of the creatures has escaped. Your mission is to venture into the ship and eradicate them before the ship reaches earth.

Here’s a beta trailer for “Cargo Breach”.

This title is under developed by No. 28 Games, a brand formed by 3 independent game developers, Pepijn Rijnders (Sakari Games), Jeroen Van Raevels (Studio RAEF) and Bop Mommers (809Software). The team has mainly worked on PC and Mobile games, as well as some prior VR projects. Although they have released other titles on Steam, Cargo Breach will be their official debut title.

Currently no release date nor price has revealed, and this game will be launching for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets. Here’s another video of the game, as well as the screenshots that No. 28 Games has provided.