“Cargo Breach VR” Steam Page Live

The Steam Page for the newly announced VR horror shooter “Cargo Breach” is now live!

Cargo is Breached!

The Selene is transporting livestock from outer space back to earth for the Food conglomerate S Car Go. Venture into the ship and eradicate all escaped creatures before the ship reaches earth.

Cargo Breach is a VR Horror Shooter where you explore dark corridors hunting down escaped creatures. You wield The Modular a device that can rearrange it’s buildup to form whatever you need based on how you hold the controllers.
Now be a good employee of S Car Go and clean that ship.

Well, there isn’t any new information about the game since I last write about the game. If you will like to check out more, such as the game details, screenshots and videos, check out the link here.

No release date has been set for this game yet but its developer/publisher No. 28 Games.