Steam New Release: Star Rage VR

A rather impressive looking VR FPS title “Star Rage VR” is releasing today on Steam!

The story is set in 3216, Earth resources are completely depleted, humans have started their great escape project, to find a suitable home in other solar systems. The Federation has brought humanity into a new age and now is exploring the stars, though humanity has explored and colonised many stars and moons, but nothing every comes this easy, For many, have come before and are turned to dust under the skies.

In the game the player can use many different weapons to combat the alien menace, it has classic defend the point shooter mode and flying platform mode. Move from platform to platform to experience the fight and thrill from all angles. Different enemies paired with multiple different environments will bring you an experience like never before! Mysterious and wild desert planets, Evil and ruthless monsters, huge creatures that are almost big as a mountain, and robots that could be taller than a building! What are you waiting for! Pick up your controllers and be the hero!

It sounds like this game is set to features a variety of mission types, from moving between platforms to fight monsters from various angles, to defending the point from alien enemies. Star Rage VR will also features enemies of various sizes: from a swarms of bugs to enemies as big as a mountains.

Based on the trailer, it seems there will be lots of intense fights, with some non-combat segments scattered in between like climbing, plant scanning (?)  and at one point, placing dynamites to blow out chunks of rocks that are in your way. Weapons that I have spotted in the trailer includes a sniper rifle, Gatling gun, pistols, flamethrower, and I am sure there are a lot more.

Star Rage VR is available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift from Metaverse Studio.