“VR Hockey League” Announced for HTC Vive!

A new sports simulation VR title has just been announced by a two-men indie studio who call themselves “MadskillzVR“!

Introducing “VR Hockey League“, a room scale title under development for use on the HTC Vive! The developer claims that this will be the most realistic hockey simulator for VR ever made, and in this title, you will get to enjoy the feeling of handling real hockey stick, the most accurate physics and “one of the most beautiful graphics in VR industry”. Here’s a trailer that they have released to gives you a better idea of the game.

VR Hockey League is made with the Unity game engine. Going by the information on the steam page and the trailer, there will be challenges that you can go up against in this game, with virtual trophies to collect too.

The title is set for release on Steam as early access on 19th October 2017. At its initial early access stage, the game contains 4 challenges based on real hockey training, and more than 20 trophies to collect. Over the early access period, which is estimated to last 2 to 3 months, they will be implementing online multiplayer, more challenges, equipment and arena customization. They are also planning to add skating as well.

Here are the released screenshots from the developers.