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“Alchemist Defender VR” Major Update Coming Tomorrow, What to Expect

Alchemist Defender, a tower defense strategy virtual reality title with some action elements, will receives a major update tomorrow.

This early access title was released back in March 2017 on Steam by TreeView Studios, and is designed from the ground up for VR. It mixes tower defense mechanics with intense first person combat with melee and ranged weapons.

If you are in early access for the game, boot up Steam tomorrow to update the game, and discover what new surprises this game has for you! If you are not, do consider checking the early access game out on Steam

About Alchemist Defender VR

In this video game, you take on the role of a master alchemist on his quest for Magnum Opus, the discovery of the Philosopher’s Stone. You will have to protect your discoveries from the incoming waves of enemies (of various species, such as Rat-Humanoid, and Skeleton enemies with variations like Runners, Shamans and Berserkers) that tries to rob the secret to the source of infinite gold and immortality.

Alchemist Defender is still in early access, and currently features 2 full levels, with 18 waves of enemies each. Players play this game mainly from god view perspective, with the actions taking place on a battlefield. The game is played by deploying 3 types of turrets on the battlefield, each with their own cons and pros: the Fast cannon is your standard, quick firing weapon, Frost slows down nearby enemies, and Mortar delivers a slow but massive area of splash damage, inflicting (lesser) damage to multiple enemies at one attack. Player can also relocate the turrets, or get involve directly in the combat, by using the temporary first person combat mode and attack them using War Hammer, Spiked Mace or ranged weapons like a Musketoon style firing arm and Explosive Crossbow. .

Alchemist Defender will also see release on the Oculus Rift (I have no idea if this imminent update will add Oculus Rift support, we will have to wait to find out), and maybe Playstation VR as well.

About The New Update

Based on the tweets from recent months, I will be inferring the new update will includes the following. As these are based on the tweets, this is not the full extensive list and may not be 100% accurate. There might be (most likely actually) other surprises and new features waiting for us to discover when the update is launched.

New Level

New Visual

New Interface

New Enemies

New Weapons

Gameplay Rebalancing & Miscellaneous Changes

The game will see rebalancing of the gameplay, and most probably bug fixes too. The interactive menu will see changes too, as well as redesigns for the icons and turrets.