Samsung Gear VR

Gear VR New Release: Doors of Silence – the prologue

A new mobile VR game has just dropped for Samsung’s Gear VR headset today by the title of “Doors of Silence – the prologue”.

The Prologue serves as the first episode of a new survival horror saga: Doors of Silence. Build entirely in Unreal Engine 4, Doors of Silence – The Prologue features immersive virtual world of stunning graphics, and gameplay consisting of exploration, stealth, puzzle and interaction.

In this title, you wakes up and find yourself in a nightmarish world, with no recollection of where you are, or who are you. There are evil entities around, and you will have to hide yourself from them, while you discover your identity, and the secrets that lie in the underground bunkers and laboratories.

This title is created by Blackbite Interactive, and is now available on Oculus Store. It is also under development for other (unannounced) headsets. Feast on the screenshots for the game below: