Oculus New Release: Bending the Light

If you are looking for a puzzle title and has an Oculus Rift, you might want to look out for this VR title “Bending the Light”, which sees release today on the Oculus Store.

Submerge yourself in a dreamy, atmospheric world filled with brilliant beams of light. Use magnetic orbs and bronze mirrors to bend the light and charge the energy cells. 

Developed by Deeperbeige Games, this title contains 40 light-bending puzzle levels, with collectibles hidden in the levels, waiting to be found. Bending the Light is playable not just by Oculus Touch, but also gamepad and keyboard/mouse too.

The game premise is simple; try to redirect and bend the light until they touches and charge up the energy cell to clear the level.

There are also super secret puzzles too, according to the developer.

This title is $15 on the store, but cost $10 now as launch discount.