“The Well” Announced for Gear VR by Turtle Rock Studios, Trailer

Turtle Rock Studios, the collective minds behind video games like Face Your Fear and Left 4 Dead, is making a brand new mobile VR game, titled “The Well” for Samsung Gear VR. 

The Well is going to be a fantasy RPG title. Here’s the trailer. The game will see release on October 11st.

Explore Tholl, a world beyond your imagination! On this fantastic planet, peaceful villagers live in harmony while barbaric tribes keep to their wilderness. Into this world where nothing changes arise the Tesh, a demonic force bent on destruction. The Oracle summons YOU to Keep the Balance. You must recruit allies, brave the wilderness, explore the mysteries of Tholl and defeat the Tesh before they unmake the world!

The World of Tholl is vast and ancient, with many mysteries. Not everything is what it seems. There are secrets scattered throughout the world that reward you with items and gold. Exploring, recruiting new companions and finding all the world’s secrets provides hours of gameplay.