PSVR Release: “RAW DATA”, Launch for EU and Australia Delayed to Oct 18

Survios has just announced that their highly anticipated VR title “RAW DATA” has been delayed for PSVR in EU and Australia. It will still be releasing on PS Store today though for other regions.

The title has been in early access on Steam for many months, and released as full release on Steam a couple of days ago for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. You play as one of the member of SyndiK8, an elite hacker resistance who are seeking to take down Eden Corp and its newest line of robotic products. Your mission is to infiltrate Eden Tower, steal as much Raw Data as possible, and get out alive. Eden Corp appears to be an ordinary company from the outside, but beneath the thin facade lies some shady businesses and dark secrets.

This is a wave shooter where you play as one of the 4 playable characters, each with their own characteristics and gameplay mechanics.

Built from the ground up for VR, Raw Data’s action gameplay, intuitive controls, challenging enemies, and sci-fi atmosphere will completely immerse you within the surreal world of Eden Corp. Go solo or team up and become the adrenaline-charged heroes of your own futuristic technothriller.