“Lone Echo” and “Echo Arena” Getting Update Next Year, “Echo Combat” Announced

The biggest Oculus exclusive titles, Lone Echo and Echo Arena, will be expanded next year, as announced by Jason Rubin, VP of content at Oculus on stage at Oculus Connect 4 earlier today. Both of these are titles are developed  by Ready at Dawn.

According to Jason Rubin, the story of Lone Echo will also be continued, and they will make more announcement shortly about this.

Here’s what he said regarding the announcement of Echo Combat.

I’m really excited to announce that Ready at Dawn is going to be releasing a major expansion to Echo Arena, next year. Echo Combat is a new multi-player, zero gravity, first person shooter expansion to Echo Arena.- Jason Rubin, VP of Content at Oculus


Newly announced from VR developers Ready at Dawn, Echo Combat is set to join Lone Echo and Echo Arena in their incredible zero-G VR universe.

The first two games in the franchise have already soared­–multiplayer Echo Arena won the 2017 E3 Game Critics Award “Best VR Game” and single-player zero-G adventure Lone Echo wowed critics with its deep storyline, incredible visuals, and unforgettable characters. Echo Combat is a VR title to watch in ’18.