Samsung Gear VR

“RÉPUBLIQUE VR” Coming to Gear VR, Trailer

RÉPUBLIQUE VR is set to be coming to Samsung Gear VR, as announced on Oculus keynote on stage at Oculus Connect 4 today.

From the wordings, it sounds like this will be a timed exclusive. This title is a VR reimagine of RÉPUBLIQUE, a game from Camouflaj that see release on mobile, followed by other platforms like PC and PS4. According to statement issued on stage of Oculus keynote, this game wouldn’t be possible without using Multi-View.

This game will be coming out this winter.

The teams at Camouflaj and Darkwind are proud to announce RÉPUBLIQUE VR, a virtual reality reimagining of the critically acclaimed stealth adventure. Due for release this winter, RÉPUBLIQUE VR pushes mobile VR further than ever, giving the player an unprecedented look into the world of Metamorphosis and the game’s unique blend of story and stealth gameplay.

Coming first to Gear VR, RÉPUBLIQUE VR is a rare, long-form mobile VR title that delivers 10-15 hours of campaign gameplay on the go. The project has been a labor of love, requiring the team to completely rethink many of the central systems that power the game, including new cameras, collectibles, scannable 3D objects, and a completely new UI.

RÉPUBLIQUE VR will be compatible with Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8 devices, support three unique control schemes, and utilize single pass rendering technology when it arrives this winter.