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Something Related to “Payday 2 VR” Teased for Crimefest 2017

Overkill Software is teasing something for VR for their upcoming Crimefest event for Payday 2. In their Steam announcement, they announced the event with the following picture.

This year’s Crimefest will be a nice adventure taking part in the northern part of the US, and when I say north, I mean fucking freezing cold Alaska! Who knows what is happening up there and what the PAYDAY Gang is up to! As usual we will have a few challenges, masks, some nice quality of life features, side jobs and maybe a new character? Since you haven’t had a Heist in a while, I will make sure you get 2! 

To avoid updating problems we will follow the success of last year’s event and release content every other day and have something else every other day-day.

So, as you might have figured out already Crimefest starts the 19th of October and stretches to the 28th of October so make sure to book that computer at your local library or tell your teacher that you need your laptop with you at all costs!

Day 4 is a blatant hint for VR, because that is a HMD icon there. Day 1 is set on the 19th, so day 4 will be on the 22nd. Put two and two together, this means we will be getting something VR related to Payday 2 on October 22nd. Some new updates? Payday 2 VR launch?

If you haven’t know, the developer announced Payday 2 VR earlier this year. Payday 2 VR will be available for free for those who already have Payday 2, so players won’t need to double dip in this case. Furthermore, there will be cross-play between the VR and non-VR players. VR players will be able to participate in bank heist together with non-VR players.

The trailer suggest that there will be artificial locomotion, with motion movement being used for some actions too. The trailer features HTC Vive, but it is likely that Oculus Rift will be supported too.

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