VR Games “Alice Mystery Garden”, “Sacred Four” Coming to Steam In Future, Trailer

AMG Games has 2 VR titles in the work: Sacred Four and Alice Mystery Garden. Both titles were exhibited recently at Tokyo Game Show 2017 last month. Here’s the web site about the Unreal Challenge VR. It says on the site that both VR games will be available on PC platform, and they have confirmed to me that it will be releasing in English on Steam! Unfortunately no release date and headsets announced.

Both of these titles were created using Unreal Engine 4 by students at the curriculum “Unreal Challenge” awarded to Epic Games Inc education institution Unreal Dev Grants 2016.

Alice Mystery Garden

This game is a VR puzzle action that finds fragments of the mirror by moving the leading character Alice and gathers it. In the game you can switch between the player’s viewpoint overlooking the small world and Alice’s view from the inside of the world. And by moving the gimmick with your own hand, you can open a way to get a mirror fragment. Let’s help Alice from the Mystery Garden by repairing the mirror with the fragments collected.

Sacred Four

This game is a VR action game that fights in the world dominated by monsters. Weapons are connected with your hands and chains.Fight by throwing weapons and freely using the new sensation action such as “manipulate the trajectory” “catch and swing”. Let’s fight the deadly fight with monsters that appear constantly and win the enemy waiting ahead!