“Ganbatte VR” Details, Trailer, Q4 2017 Release

Ganbatte is an upcoming social multiplayer VR game that is currently under development by Mimicry. In this title, up to 4 players take up the role of cats, and challenge each other at a conveyor belt sushi spaceship restaurant in order to eat as much as possible.

Ganbatte is currently being developed for Steam VR, with both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift support and is scheduled for an early access release on Steam in Q4 2017. They have just released the following trailer, with this dev blog entry.

As we stated previously, the Arcade Mode will feature a game flow that’s more convenient for events, with a guest mode taking the spotlight (our Steam Early Access version will mostly rely on your Steam Account).
In addition, we’re preparing the game to be playable with internet access at the event. As Ganbatte is a competitive multiplayer virtual reality game, it is very important to make sure players will be able to enjoy the game regardless the quality of the Internet connection on site, which almost always is unreliable.
This past week our efforts have been mainly geared towards:

  • Working on the Arcade Mode (guest system, offline play, event leaderboards)
  • Improving player feedback systems

Regarding the feedback systems, we are mainly concerned with the sushi eating interaction and informing the player that his/her plate is in the correct zone in order to be eaten. Our first approach to this challenge was decreasing the opacity of the plate when it reached the mouth area. We initially implemented this feature so that the plate wouldn’t block your vision while close to your face.

The developer has also announced that this game is one of the 10 finalists of Prémios PlayStation 2017 (PlayStation Talents program), and the developer will be showcasing the game alongside the other participants at Lisboa Games Week, from 16 to 19 of November in Lisbon, Portugal. Will being an entry of Playstation Talents Program hint towards a Sony Playstation release?