“Hell Eluja VR” Kickstarter Launching on Nov 1st

A brand new VR game “Hell Eluja VR” is set to surface on Kickstarter on November 1st, according to its developer Oniro Forge.

Hell Eluja VR is an asymmetrical VR game that pits a Samsung Gear VR user (who assume the role of “crawler”) against a tablet user (the “Dungeon master”).

  • One player plays as the Crawler. He is trapped in a dark and powerful dungeon and must find all the keys to get out.
  • The other player plays as the Dungeon Master on a tablet. He has the ability to control this world by summoning monsters.

It is unknown if it will support other platforms, we will have to wait for the kickstarter site to be up to learn more. The game will be shown at VR Days in Amsterdam.