“Pixel Ripped 1989” Delay to 2018

The Steam Page for Pixel Ripped 1989 has been updated, and it now shows a 2018 release.

If you haven’t heard of this action adventure title, Pixel Ripped 1989 is a game within a game, and features retro 70s~90s settings. There are various secrets and homages along the way, from the “floor of 1970’s living room where you will be playing the first home gaming console, all the way up to the turn of the millennium. You’ll be treated to 2D sprites of the 70s to the bright and colourful 3D graphics of the 90s, Pixel Ripped truly is a nostalgic and mad trip down memory lane.”

Nicola is a student stuck in a 1980’s classroom and must complete her favorite game Pixel Ripped. Wear your headset and command Dot to recover the Pixel Stone from the Cyblin Master, while distractions deter the mindful eye of the teacher, she’ll make sure you are still paying attention!