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“Virtual Battlegrounds” Announced for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, Video

A virtual reality title based on the gameplay of PUBG, titled “Virtual Battlegrounds” has been announced for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive by Oneiric Entertainment. VR users can now sign up for open alpha testing here.

Game Modes: FFA will be in the game. Teams of 2 will probably be in the game. Teams of 4 is a possibility. The game will play out similar to PUBG in terms of match length and play style. A ring will appears forcing players to move inward towards locations on the map. Gradually decreasing in size until the last team or player remains.

Addendum to Game Modes: The reason I say probably for teams of 2 and 4 instead of definitely is due to the small player base for Online Only VR games atm. We want to keep queue times as short as possible and offering players too many options may increase queue times drastically. At the least we may just allow players to vote on game modes once they’re inside of a lobby rather than allowing players to queue for specific game modes.
Equipment: Pills, health packs, helmets, body armor and sombreros. Always sombreros.

Gunplay: We want the gunplay to feel similar to Onward. We think it’s one of the best examples of gunplay in VR atm. HOWEVER we think that it may be a little overly realistic for our game. Because of the need to be able to quickly grab and move guns around inside of a large inventory. I plan on asking about this as well as a lot of other gameplay related items in a survey and at play sessions.

Inventory: We don’t have a solid solution here yet and we’re still muddling around some conceptual designs but I’ll share with you one idea we had. We were thinking of a large bag that the player can pull off their back at any time and pull items from it or place items into it. Making this as accessible

Locomotion: Locomotion will be trackpad movement. We will have a few various forms of trackpad movement you can choose from in the options menu. However, the world is large. Very large, and to travel a large world like this in VR with only a trackpad would be cumbersome. This is why vehicles will be numerous in the game. You can use this to travel around from locations.

Number of Players: The current goal is to have a 16 player map. We may expand this number to as many as 24 or even 30 in the future if the game is active enough.

Map Size: The map size will be approximately 4KMx4KM. The world should feel very similar to PUBG in terms of map size to number of other players ratio. By comparison PUBG is 8KMx8KM. 4 times larger. However there are anywhere from 4 to 7 times more players in a game at once in PUBG by comparison. We may increase the world size if we are able to add more players into the game.

Randomized Loot: Just like in other Battle Royale games. Loot will spawn randomly throughout the map.

Skydiving: The skydiving in the trailer is not yet fleshed out. Expect to control your movements with your arm motion and pull your parachute out on your own. We would like for it to feel as close to the real thing as possible.

Weapons: Virtual Battleground or VBG will feature a large assortment of modern weaponry.

Weapon Attachments: VBG will include many of the weapon attachments you would find on modern weaponry. Red Dot Scopes, 4X Zoom, 8X Zoom, Silencers, Flash Lights, more

Vehicles: Yes. There will be vehicles. I don’t know how many or what kinds yet. But cruising around with your homies in a big world is a must.