“Face Your Fear” for Gear VR Adds Stranger Things DLC, “Stranger Things VR Experience” Announced for PSVR

Turtle Rock Studios, developer of Left 4 Dead and Face Your Fear, releases an update today for Face Your Fear on Gear VR. The latest door transport you to the Upside Down.

At OC4, we announced our partnership with Turtle Rock Studios and Netflix to bring Stranger Things to Face Your Fears. Following up on the Season 2 premiere—and just in time for Halloween—we’re excited to share that you can step inside the Upside Down today on Gear VR!

Face Your Fear is itself a VR application (for Gear VR, Oculus Store here) that works like a hub or sort, that host a series of short VR horror experiences. The Stranger Things collaboration with Face Your Fear was first announced at Oculus Connect 4 a short while ago.

Here’s the description and the video.

New Content: Just another day in Hawkins, Indiana. October 31st. Getting ready to hand out candy. What could happen, in such an idyllic town? Certainly there’s no chance of you getting sucked into the Upside Down, fighting off Demogorgons, and desperately trying to get back to the real world. There’s a very slim chance you’ll make it through the night!

In another Stranger Things related VR news, “Stranger Things: The VR Experience” has been announced for the PSVR. Check out the teaser trailer below.