“Hell Eluja” VR Kickstarter Is Live

A multiplayer players, part VR, part mobile game with the title “Hell Eluja” by Oniroforge is now live on Kickstarter, seeking support from you to bring it to the market!

Hell Eluja is played with 1 player in mobile VR, and another player(s) on a tablet. In this game, the VR player play as the “hero”, while he play against non-VR player(s) on a tablet, who serves as the game master.

The developer has currently completed the first (Crimson Abbey) of their many dungeons. Until now the development has been fueled with their own money. The developer has spent many months working on the core mechanics, and with the help of many players around the world and their heartwarming feedback, they have now a compelling concept that our community helped to build.

Here are the feature tiers that will get added in, depending on the fund they received.

As you can see, mobile VR is the priority here. The dev has demoed the application on a Gear VR, and the nearest headset compatibility is Oculus Go and Google Daydream at 120% funding, and other VR headsets at a higher tier funding.

The design of Hell Eluja is centered around an asymmetrical gameplay and the isolation of one player.  

While playing in Virtual Reality, the Hero is immersed in the Dungeon, not able to see nor hear what happens in the surrounding room. 

That “empty” space is filled with the other player, the Dungeon Master, who sees the map from above on a tablet and messes up with the Hero’s progression using evil powers.

If you want to learn more, head over to Kickstarter now.