“Saving Princess Maya Ep. 1” Episodic VR Adventure Game On Kickstarter Now

An episodic VR adventure game “Saving Princess Maya” is up on Kickstarter now!

This Kickstarter project by RiseAngle, Inc.is made to raise the fund to create and release the first episode of the title for Gear VR, and depending on the fund raised, may also appear on other platofmrs too.

This title is set in an unknown realm, where Princess Maya has been kidnapped, while her loyal servant Gelayon has been thrown in the dark mazes. You as the player, are trapped in the same environment, and apparently you will have to escape by working together with Gelayon. Along the way, you will discover that you plays an integral part of an ancient prophecy.

Unlike traditional adventure games that are mostly puzzle games with limited stories, Saving Princess Maya is a game where the story is the main element yet it progresses by solving challenging puzzles. Players feel immersed in a fantasy world where they follow the story by meeting deep-personality characters, having engaging and humorous conversations, exploring mysterious levels and getting to know their unique residents and rules, collecting and combining items, and solving various puzzles.

The world of mazes is as its name suggest, comprises of many types of mazes. The only way to get from one maze to another is through teleport gates that change destination weekly. The first episode happens in the Dark Mazes, a large sub section of the World of Mazes.


There are a lot more on the Kickstarter with more information regarding the title. According to its developer, they are almost 80% done with the game development for the Gear VR version. The fund will go towards completing the game successfully, test and fine-tune it enough and make sure they don’t cut some of the awesomeness due to budget limit too. Here are the stretch goals.